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Officially Amazing Pakistani

The Pakistan Book of Records is a National Record Organization that documents and acknowledges various achievements and records set by individuals and groups within Pakistan. Similar to the Guinness World Records, it aims to celebrate extraordinary feats and talents in various categories, such as sports, arts, science, technology, and unique skills.

The organization behind the book encourages people to attempt records and submit their achievements for verification. Successful record holders are featured in the book, website, social media pages and receive official recognition. The Pakistan Book of Records not only highlights the talents and abilities of Pakistanis but also aims to inspire others to strive for excellence and push their limits.
PBR Founded by Ahmad Hussain at Peshawar in 2010.

PBR Founder & Chairman Ahmad Hussain talking to Award Ceremony

PBR National Record Holder Nazia Parveen (Bajour) Talking to Media

Different PBR Award Holders in different Categories.

Ahmad Hussain

Founder & Chairman