E-Commerce Website for online Buissness

It was the project of worth ten thousands dollars and was completed within four months, We worked on back-end as well as in front-end. The project is about online shopping and B2b cart. The Modules which we have completed: 1. Product Management 2. Order Management 3. Shipping Charges 4. Invoices Management 5. Integration with eBay APIs for our Shops at eBay, their Invoice and Order Management. 6. Customer Management 7. Deals 8. eBay Store Sync 9. eBay Pending Orders 10. eBay Orders 11. Email Settings 12. Marketing 13. Fro-ogle

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Pakistan Book of Records

This Project is similar to that of Guinness world Record, where it has user registration and complete user profile which includes its National Records detail. After the registration one can Make or Break a Record and also after the attempt he or she is suppose to upload the video and images, this is something user has to do in the front. We have Featured news and Blogs as well where user can have comments. We have the following Modules in Admin side: 1. User Management Module 2. User National Records Management where Records are approved or disapproved, Payment is checked, Record status can be updated etc 3. We can Add or update About Us, Contact, Featured News and Blogs etc from the Admin side. 4. Team, Slider and each and everthing from the front of the website is managed through the admin side

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Accounts & Management System

This Project is based on multiple modules, like money banking transferring records, Product suggestion, Invoice System, Purchasing Details, Company Expenses records, Suppliers Dealing Details and Also Forums For Staff. etc

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Casper Light Introductory Website

This Website is based on B2C Shopping Cart In China, UK, Dubai, Pakistan.But its now under in progress.

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