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Anaiza Toseef got PBR Special award in the field of Intelligence

Posted on 5/12/2022

Young children thrive when they are given proper direction, secure environment and positive relationships. So is the case of my daughter Anaiza. She is 1 year and 11 months old. We have provided her with a playful environment that was full of learning opportunities. At this early age she can work on small puzzles like shapes,animals and alphabets. She can also identify few letter sounds including ten from English language and six from Urdu Language. We are trying our best to keep her bilingual from the early age. She knows whole ABC along with identification and writing skills with the letter A. 
Moreover, she can recite quranic duas including bedtime dua, tasmiya, dua for forgiveness, dua for going upstairs, dua for coming downstairs, dua for leaving toilet and dua for the increase in knowledge. She can also recite darood sharif. 
Also, she has mastered her skills in matching activities including colours, animals, shapes, alphabets, and puzzles. 
She can also point towards all body parts if she is asked questions about them. 
She knows that who is our creator ,what is  our national game and how many prayers we have . 
She  can recognize many items almost more than 1000 words  including fruits, vegetables, alphabet sounds, colors, shapes, domestic animals, wild animals, mimicking animal sounds, sea animals, initial words with objects, body parts, transport, professions, places,relationships, living room things,classroom things, actions, car parts, solar system and much more.