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Muhammad Hamdan got PBR Appreciation certificate in the field of Intelligence

Posted on 10/15/2021

Muhammad Hamdan Khan (Jampur-Rajanpur) is the smartest kid who can recognize many items almost more than 750 at the age of 23 months only including Islamic, fruits, vegetables, alphabet sounds, colors, shapes, domestic animals, wild animals, mimicking animal sounds, sea animals, initial words with objects, body parts, transport, places, professions, relationships, living room things, car parts, bike parts, solar system and much more. 
Muhammad Hamdan Khan was underweight when he was born and is still the same as compared to his age fellows but he had shining and recognizing eyes. When he was 4 months old he gestured to shaking hands automatically after the routine attempt and everyone around was taken aback to see such an abrupt learning response. Then onwards his parents tried some items which he was able to point out even after many days. On his first birthday, he was given many books and a mini library meant for 3 years old kids which he finished recognizing after few months. On the other hand, due to his awareness, he is very difficult to lure and is very choosy in eating which is causing him underweight. His parents have a plan to initially finish his Hafiz-e-Quran along with the other studies and pray that he could be a good human being before being anything else inshaAllah.