PBR Record Details

Abdul Rafay is the most Intelligent Child at the age of 2.5 years

He has extra ordinary grasping power.
At the age of 2.5 yr he have following talents.
Can make upto 9 different puzzels at the same time in 8-10 minutes.
Including shapes,animals,alphabets,including small parts puzzels.
He can recite names of 200+ random objects,animals,shapes,numbers,alphabets.
Letter sounds
Can recite counting in 4 different languages
Arabic numbers 1-10
Italian 1- 10
Urdu 1- 10
Eng 1- 10
He is able to search upto 9 countires on World Map and match their flags
He can Recognize flags of 12-15 countires.
He can recognize 6 species of Dinosaures.
He Can name water animals,raptiles.
He can recite Alphabets A-Z
He can recitie proper quranic Duas including
Bedtime dua
Dua for increase in knowledge 
Dua for forgiveness
Dua for going upstairs
Dua for coming downstairs
Dua for going toilet
Dua for leaving toilet
Dua for increase in knowledge.
He is able to recognize  "Dolch preprimery sight words".
He is able to do all of matching activities=matching puzzels
Can identify all bodyparts.
He can recite names of week days in  sequence.
He can recite names
of 5 prayers in sequence.


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