PBR Record Details

Cycling over 4693m Height at Khunjerab(Pak-China Border) by Guliafshan

Gul-i-Afshan Tariq has managed to register her name in Pakistan Book of Records for Cycling over 4693 meters height at Khunjerab (Pak-China Border).

They were the two first Pakistani girls to achieve this milestone and so have been awarded with PBR Certificate and a Medal.

Gul-i-Afshan Tariq  and her friend (Samar Khan) became the first female Pakistanis to ride a distance of 4693 meters height on bicycle in 9 days from Islamabad to Khunjerab. The intention behind this adventure was a commitment towards enforcing a positive image of Pakistan while also inspiring the women of the Nation.

She said, It was to promote Myself , to Promote Pakistani Girl, that being Pakistani Girl I can achieve any goal. Their is no hurdle , if you are motivated to attempt any challenge in Pakistan with your family support you can do that.

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