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Most Islamic Calligraphy Scripts learnt in a Calendar year 2021

And intro of Nazia Malik. Nazia Malik from Wah Cantt Pakistan has set the record of learning Most Arabic Calligraphy Scripts in the Calendar year 2021. Her love for getting Knowledge and a passion for learning Arabic calligraphy made her learn 6 Scripts of Arabic Calligraphy in a Short Duration with great commitment and dedication towards learning Arabic calligraphy. As we know 2021 has been declared the Arabic calligraphy Year by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Unesco also added Arabic Calligraphy in Representative list of The Intangible List of Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2021. And Nazia Malik also wants to promote Arabic calligraphy in her community and wants more young people to learn this Scared Art of Arabic Calligraphy. Nazia Malik is also a Social Media Activist, Political Enthusiast and author. She has many other Accolades during her educational life and won Academic Excellence Award in 2009. This year 2021 has proved very fulfilling for Nazia Malik as she completed 6 Arabic calligraphy Courses, 5 fully accredited Freelancing courses and also published two English Short Storybooks on Amazon kdp. We wish her the very best of luck. She well deserves the PBR National Record of 2021, Most Arabic Calligraphy Scripts learnt in the Calendar year 2021.

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