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Muhammad Ayad youngest child who recognized maximum objects 700 at the age of 18 months

Muhamad ayad (Lahore) is the youngest child who recognized maximam objects 700 including dinosures,reptiles,animals,sea monestors, professions,places, transportation, reciet alphabets,body parts,fruits, vegitables,shapes,and many other miscellaneous objects in 10 mints..
He is the child,when her mother was pregnant with faced a lot of health issues.. she was on steriods and antidepressants bcz of her facial paralysis ...she had undergone 4 major surgeries during her pregnancy..most of the doctors advised her to abort this child bcz of her health issues .they warned her that this child could have autism or some mental isuues after birth...She kept her eman on Alah and continued her pregnancy..during 8th month of pregnancy,the heart beat of Muhamad ayad lowered dowm to a level where everyone was tense about his survival.. ventilators were ready during his birth , everyone was tense about his condition ..He was born underweight and faced many health issues but her mother's eman on Alah and dedication towards muhamad ayad made him shine in his early years..when he was 4 months old he can act on rhymes,in his 5th month he used to recognise certain objects and could select them..He won his first certification in his 14th month as The most lilttle innovator ..In his 17 and 18 months he made a world record by recogizig 283 objects in 3 mints... He is the only pakistani who owns  7  certificates of world records in his early age  till now.. For his tremendous achievements pakistan book of records registered his name in the book...

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