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Pakistan's 1st kpop cover stars and trend setters Sun Shine Girls

We are Sun Shine Girls a dance and singing cover band made by 3 sisters (Kanwal : stage name Genevieve) ( Hadiqa : stage name Suzen) and (Mahnoor : stage name Sofia) from Islamabad we first got into kpop when we were only 3,5 and 7 years old back in 2005 our mother was the reason we got into kpop she invited us into this world of kpop and Korean culture our mother's biggest wish was to become an idol in Korea but unfortunately she couldn't we got even more interested in kpop when our father brought some Korean souvenirs from Japan and day by day our interest started becoming our passion and from the very young age we created our own group called Sun Shine Girls based on the first initial letters of our stage names back in 2007 we created our own theme and also created our own channel back in 2009 we never practiced in front of a mirror nor a studio room we did everything in our small room which hardly had place for 5 people to sleep and still we started sharing our talent with the world our video was the first ever kpop dance cover to be uploaded on youtube and Instagram from Pakistan after the little love we got from the korean audience we started uploading more and more including singing videos as well our videos were now more than 100  but unfortunately our channel got deleted because of the constant bullying we faced from some community even from our relatives we got into depression and had to delete our channel we weren't strong at that time we've faced so many hardships regarding this talent as it's not that much appreciated in Pakistan but we did so much hard work to achieve everything we've achieved until now and after that we started applying for auditions everywhere JYP , YG , SM , CUBE ,JELLYFISH Soompi 1Thek auditions and many more kpop entertainments but unfortunately we didn't got selected anywhere and this thing taught us to work harder than before we then started applying elsewhere like Disney, Nickelodeon , Got talent auditions  as well in which we got accepted for Disney but because of our financial issues we couldn't make it this time we were losing hope little by little but we again started applying for on spot auditions this time and finally found the Kpop World Festival auditions it was back in 2014 we waited 2 years for this festival to happen in Pakistan and finally it took place in Pakistan back in 2016 but unfortunately we couldn't attend because of someone's misguidance we got into depression we cried day night for getting betrayed by our own friend but we still didn't tried losing hope because deep down we knew everything happens for a reason and in 2017 our strong Sofia maknae (youngest) of Sun Shine Girls had stitches because of her appendix operation few days before the festival  meanwhile suzen had 104 temperature after so much hard work for costume expenses we made each and everything by ourselves , day night practices and making our parents agree we finally made it to the event and we performed like we didn't had any problem and the stage was ours thanks to our hard work the judges got super impressed and we won the festival by getting the 1st position in the dancing category we were so happy because our hard work was worth it and we started getting invited to many interviews and we had an amazing interview with PTV as their special guests for promoting kpop in Pakistan and being an inspiration for all the young ladies but unfortunately we couldn't make it to the final round in Korea we waited another year for this event to happen and the festival took place again in 2018 we applied again but unfortunately this time we couldn't achieve anything because we participated in singing which we didn't have any practice for it was the biggest lesson of our life we started practicing more we started waiting more and after another year Kpop World Festival 2019 happened we were super excited yet sad at the same time as our group leader had to leave the group to focus on her studies leaving 2 of us alone to practice alone and decide everything on our own from the songs collection to choreography to costumes and much more we did everything on our own this time we were only 17 and 18 years old we finally managed to finish all the preparations one day before the festival it was our first time without our elder sister and our leader of course we were super nervous , scared and we didn't have much hope but gave our best on the stage and all thanks to god to our practice our determination we won the festival again this time with 2 positions 1st in dancing category and 2nd in singing category we were super happy because our lesson from the last year made us stronger and made us work more after that our article got published by mangobaaz and many other pages from Pakistan and after that we were invited to many events hosted by Korean embassy as their special guest for promoting kpop into Pakistan and also for making a name of Pakistan in kpop history from all over the Pakistan we were also invited to KOICA alumni association , ifwa charity bazaar twice , and into I-CON a kpop and cosplay events as well our talent started getting recognized further in Korea and we received many gifts from Korea as well including gifts from Mnet MAMA ( Mnet Asian Music Awads) for promoting kpop in Pakistan and even from KTO friends from Korea for inspiring young people in Pakistan we are well known for our synchronized our  choreography we used to perform kpop in Pakistani weddings as well after that people started bullying us more , our friends started leaving us we started getting stalked , people started spreading negative posts about us we got made fun of and started hurting us by promoting negative things about us which were never true and started canceling us from as many events as possible and our life started falling apart because of all the misunderstanding someone was spreading about us but it doesn't affect us anymore like it used to make us depressed and made us think negative about ourselves but it doesn't anymore as we are proving them wrong we have started giving ourselves the love and the support we needed from others our love for kpop is growing even stronger as we've achieved and learned many lessons like in self-love , confidence , happiness , independence , we got friends , fans , awards through kpop that's why we want to help and inspire all our fellow Pakistani's we want everyone who's reading our story to believe in themselves to believe in time , to believe in god everything is possible but it does take your time , your hard work and believe us it's all worth it and in the end your fear is your failure and your courage is your success it's always you it's your ride people can ride it with you but no one's going to ride it for you we want you all to learn to be nice to be kind if you're ever seeing someone getting bullied don't agree with the bully without listening to the victim start listening and help them in the end it always us who can change it because it always starts from within

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